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The gentleman pictured above is Keith Boley. More precisely, it’s a picture of Keith and his bees. We’ll get back to Keith in a moment, but if there were any better beekeeper in the Appalachia’s, I haven’t found him.

There are two honey flows in Western North Carolina; wildflower in the spring and sourwood in the summer. We allow our bees to keep most of the spring flow. Their surplus honey we recently extracted is exceptionally light colored with a sweet, slightly acidic taste. It’s probably from the black locust tree, otherwise known as False Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia). I won’t comment anymore more about it until we receive the pollen and true nectar value report from Texas A&M. The sourwood honey flow is upon us and it looks like another banner year.

Killer Bees is a small, artisanal honey producer. We began our eCommerce site last December and in seven months have nearly sold out of our 2016 sourwood harvest. We currently have 45 hives and hope to have 75 producing hives next year. Looking at our sales projections, will run out of this years harvest within six months. I have previously written about the commitment to providing our customers with the most pure, raw and unfiltered honey. This isn’t just another cliché slogan. The obligation to deliver the finest honey and hive based products to our customers is an obsession. Having said all this, let’s get back to Keith Boley and his bees. is partnering with Keith to start The Honey Cartel. Keith will provide us with his WNC honey. Now 71, Keith has been raising bees his entire life. His father and grandfather raised bees. His apiary is located where he was born. Because he lives less then two miles from our bee yard, his virgin queens probably get their freak on with our drones and visa versa. More importantly, he too lives isolated from agribusiness and their harmful use of chemicals and toxins. If I have an issue with my bees, Keith has an answer. Lot’s of answers. Fact is, I’d have more winter dead-outs if it weren’t for Keith and his vast knowledge base. Lastly, Keith is a deeply spiritual and honest man. I trust him. I know he will provide us with quality honey. Trust, but verify; Keith’s honey will face the same quality control and rigorous standards as KillerBeesHoney. His honey will be sent to Texas A&M to be analyzed for it’s true nectar value and pollen content. The results along with such things like moisture levels will be published on our website.

In a world of moral relativism and false ad campaigns, and the Honey Cartel will always have moral clarity in its purpose – providing our customers with the best, most pure, raw honey on the market.

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