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Health & Beauty

Killer Bees Honey engages a delightful, local husband and wife team to create our beauty care products. Using several ingredients directly from our hives, Paul and Julia handcraft natural soaps, lip balms, and hand salves for our customers.

 Make Propolis Great Again!

We are one of very few enterprises that use propolis as an ingredient in all of our body care products. The health benefits of propolis dates back to biblical times. Botanical scholars believe the “Balm of Gilead” described in the book of Jeremiah likely refers to propolis from the Terebinth tree. Ancient Jews wrote of tzori (propolis) as a medicine. The Egyptions used propolis in cosmetics and for medicinal and embalming purposes. Persians and Romans administered it as both an antiseptic and as an antibiotic. The Queen of Sheeba (recorded history’s first empowered woman) used extract of propolis in both her cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These were some of the rare and precious gifts she brought to King Solomon during her legendary pilgrimage to his court. Her conquest demonstrates, once again, that the way to a spornosexuals heart is through good skin care.

With the exception of the lip balm, all body care products are lovingly labeled with one of our beautiful, but unarmed Killer Bees.