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Honey Hive Gift Bottle
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Honey Hive Gift Bottle

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Adorable perfect small gift size glass honey bottle. Honey hive "skep" with beautifully colorful bee lid and slipped into a decorative gift bag. Elegant and sweet for all occasions.

Filled with our Summer Sweet Wildflower honey, straight from the Killer Bees Honey home apiary.

2021 Summer Sweet Wildflower Honey is a midsummer batch from the Killer Bees Honey home apiary. It has the same intense, robust flavor of our signature spring, raw Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey, only slightly sweeter. There are several reasons for this. First, it possesses 20% clover nectar. Secondly, as the tulip poplar bloom ages, it produces more glucose. Lastly, the hive girls finished off the honey combs with sourwood which was just beginning to bloom when we pulled the supers. You thus get a rich, caramel flavor ending. All of these factors make for a robust, but sweeter addition to our 2021 spring honey lineup. No limits on this seriously delightful honey - the bees were dangerously busy on this floral source!

With a Pfund scale of 73mm, it's a beautiful, semi-dark "light amber" nectar presenting with a semi-translucent, apricot color. A phenomenally low moisture level 0f 15.1% creates a rich, sweet flavor with a velvety smooth texture.

We do not buy honey from other beekeepers, and have our honey tested by independent labs to ensure it is 100% toxin-free. Never blended, flavored, ultra-filtered or pasteurized.  Gravity filtered to keep in all of the goodness the bees intended.