Honey Lovers Wildflower & Clover Gift Basket

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Two of our favorite honeys, perfectly packaged for those who want to give the best — to your friends, family or yourself! One 12 oz bottle each of Smokey Mountain Wildflower and Carolina Clover. Comes with a honey dip stick to get to the very bottom of the bottle, and your choice of hand salve in Lemongrass or Lavender.

Our Smokey Mountain Wildflower Honey is of exceptional purity and full-bodied flavor, derived from the hundreds of pollen sources in the Pisgah National Forest. Carolina Clover is our monofloral tribute to spring in the Carolinas. Our first harvest of the year, every sweetly delicious ounce is infused with the freshness of the appalachian season. We do not buy honey from other beekeepers, and have our honey tested by independent labs to ensure it is 100% toxin-free. Never blended, flavored, ultra-filtered or pasteurized. Our soaps, hand salves and lip balms are made with all-natural, organic ingredients including Killer Bees Honey beeswax and propolis, the bees' antibacterial agent.

Basket Includes:

  • One 12 oz. bottle of Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey
  • One 12 oz. bottle of Carolina Clover Honey
  • Honey Dip Stick
  • Your choice of Lemongrass or Lavender Hand Salve

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