Sourwood Queen’s Reserve

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The beekeeper and owner of the apiary selected twenty frames of the purest sourwood honey for the Queen’s Reserve. Per the test results from Texas A&M, this small batch of honey is 93% pure sourwood (sample #2) which is double the 45% international standard for a monofloral honey.

This nearly clear sourwood honey betrays Its nectar source: Oxydendrum arboreum, the “Lily of The Valley” tree. This honey is highly aromatic with an entirely unique flavor – floral, with hints of caramel, anise, and spice.

This is the purest monofloral sourwood honey you can buy and comes only from the lady aviators of

8.5oz of sourwood honey in a decorative Italian made, clear glass flask.

”Most honey is made by bees. But sourwood is made by bees and angels.”  — Carson Brewer, American journalist, and conservationist

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