Bar Soaps

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Killer Bees Honey Soaps are gentle, moisturizing, and lather beautifully. Fantastic for your body and face, leaving your skin with a smooth, clean feeling. The mild antiseptic property of propolis contained in all soaps helps kill bacteria and ensures proper skin hygiene.  The fragrance isn’t overpowering, but faintly lingers after use.

Into the Pisgah; This soap has scent of cedar, fir and pine will transport you deep into the forest. 

Long Hollow Lavender; Who doesn't love the bouquet of lavender? Our Long Hollow Lavender soap is soothing and calming. 

Looking Glass Lemon; This soap has a refreshing, clean lemony scent 

Honey Oatmeal : A classic soap that is wonderful for your skin. Finely ground organic raw oats gently exfoliate your skin along with a touch of our Big Red sourwood honey to soothe and seal in moisture.