2020 Carolina Clover Honey

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This pure, clover-flower honey is our monofloral tribute to spring in the Carolinas. Our first harvest from 2020, every sweetly delicious ounce is infused with the freshness of the appalachian season. It has an incredibly unusual flavor of tropical fruit! Healthy, organic and toxin-free.

  • Net weight 12 oz. of clover honey in each cylindrical glass bottle.
  • Net weight 8 oz. of clover honey in each muth jar.
  • Tested to ensure no adulteration or agrotoxins (pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics).

Perfect Pairings
Clover is the ubiquitous, "Go to" honey and is best with lightly spiced or salty foods, Use in a vinaigrette dressing for a spinach, pear and walnut salad. Pair with Pecorino or Lancashire cheese with crostini and a glass of Riesling.

Harvest Notes
Located at 4100’, the hive girls at the Panthertown apiary produced a spring honey quite unique to the Appalachia. Dominated by Trifolium Melilotus (clover), this true monofloral honey deserves its own product category. The aroma begins vegetal and floral with hints of beeswax. Vanilla and cinnamon in some batches are the result of coumarin in the plant tissue. Its low moisture level of < 17.4% combined with Cephalanthus (buttonbush) nectar create a buttery, heavy bodied texture.

Decorative bottles can be reused as bud vase, oil container, or to hold Killer Bees pure beeswax candles.  (Candle not included) 

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