Killer Bees Honey - Sourwood Big Red

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Don’t let the rose color of this honey fool you. Our signature Big Red honey has an astonishing 84.5% sourwood True Nectar Value (TNV)! A minor mix of tulip poplar and red sumac yields the reddish color. The taste begins with hints of maple then explodes with an intense, fruit and spice flavor. The persistent, soft, anise, sweet caramel finish is vintage sourwood.

This maple-sweet honey works wonders on top of ricotta crostini or as a finisher on glazed ham and pork tenderloin. Thin it out with apple juice to make a killer dressing for your garden vegetable and quinoa salad, or just eat out of the jar.


* 16 oz. of Sourwood Big Red Honey in a glass or plastic bottle.

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