Killer Honey Brittle

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The hive girls of Killer Bees Honey teamed up with Chef Haydn Shaak of Restaurant 17 at Hotel Domestique to make a Killer Honey Brittle! Not anything like "peanut brittle", this Killer Honey Brittle possesses a crisp, light and airy texture and made from Killer Bees honey, the crunchy outside quickly melts in your mouth like meringue to become smooth deliciousness. One half of each is made with  delectable pieces of organic pecans. The other half is drizzled in dark chocolate without nuts. Each piece will make your taste buds go wild with dangerously delicious flavors.

Can keep stored in airtight tin for up to 3 weeks.

Tin Measures: 6" X 2" X 4"  Net weight: +/- 5 oz.


  • Killer Bees Honey (first and foremost!)
  • Organic Pecans
  • Sugar
  • Pate a Glacer Brune (dark chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, milk)
  • Baking Soda

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