Honey Sampler 3-Pack
Wildflower, Chinquapin Buzz, Sourwood honey all in one package!
Honey Sampler 3-Pack
Honey Sampler 3-Pack

Mountain Honey Sampler 3-Pack

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Hard to choose which will be your favorite Killer Bees Honey 2021 honey? Take a tour of the finest honeys we have to offer. From Smoky Mountain Wildflower to Summer Sweet Wildflower and Sourwood Fusion, this unforgettable sampler will make you a true bee-liever.  All unique and unusual honeys from 2021 harvest. Our dedicated and uncommonly attractive aviators have provided their pure, raw, organically harvested and utterly uncensored honey in miniature Princess Bee Muth jars. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer, holiday gift, or well-deserved treat for the Queen Bee in your life!

Each Package Includes:

  • One 4 oz. Princess Muth jar of Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey
  • One 4 oz. Princess Muth jar of Summer Sweet Wildflower
  • One 4 oz. Princess Muth jar of Sourwood Fusion Honey
  • Tested to ensure no adulteration or agrotoxins (pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics).
  • All honeys have a phenomenally low moisture levels between 14.8% to 15.5% creating intense and velvety flavors.

Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey:

Our signature raw wildflower mountain honey is crafted from organic apiaries high atop the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. Nutrition-packed with a delightfully fierce floral flavor, this toxin-free, all-natural honey is as good for you as it is delicious.  Our 2021 edition from our home and Panthertown apiaries is different from last year's  honey. This is an intense polyfloral wildflower with deep, mineral rich notes and tremendous reach and slightly spicy end. The lasting flavors are no doubt due to the blend of tulip poplar and of dozens of other varietal spring nectars coming from the Pisgah Forest. This honey will stand up to any food pairing, and just as well all by itself.

Summer Sweet Wildflower:

Our 2021 Summer Sweet Wildflower Honey is a midsummer batch from the Killer Bees Honey home apiary. It has the same intense, robust flavor of our signature spring, raw Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey, only slightly sweeter. There are several reasons for this. First, it possesses 20% clover nectar. Secondly, as the tulip poplar bloom ages, it produces more glucose. Lastly, the hive girls finished off the honey combs with sourwood which was just beginning to bloom when we pulled the supers. You thus get a rich, caramel flavor ending. All of these factors make for a robust, but sweeter addition to our 2021 spring honey lineup. 

Sourwood Fusion:

Our 2021 Southern Sourwood Fusion is derived from old-growth sourwood and Basswood trees of the Pisgah National Forest. Located on the doorstep of our apiaries deep in the heart of sourwood country, this year's naturally-harvested crop produced a uniquely semi-sweet and floral honey. This honey is a combination the bees created of sourwood and Basswood/Linden. Basswood is a premium honey procured from the blossoms of the Linden tree. Sometimes referred to by Southerners as the "bee tree," this hardwood produces small, flagrant, yellow flowers that drip with nectar. It possesses a balanced, fruity flavor with hints of grapes, pears and even watermelon. Along with the unique buttery, caramel flavor with subtle aromatic anise and spice bouquet of sourwood, the taste is nothing short of floral elegance.  Not overly sweet, not overly complex. It's beautifully mild.

Killer Bees Honey is the ONLY AMERICAN BEE KEEPER whose honey is tested 100% UNADULTURATED & TOXIN -FREE by independent labs and ensures the “true-nectar” value of all our honey, and publishes those results on our website; no pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics and herbicides. We never purchase honey from other beekeepers. We control and manage the process of honey production from hive to bottle to your table. Never heated, ultra-filtered, blended, flavored or infused. Everything that's good about the honey, stays in the honey.

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