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Smoky Mountain Wildflower and Summer Sweet Wildflower honey gift box
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The ultimate gift box for honey lovers! Includes two very special honey, packaged with a handy honey dipper for those who want to give the best — to friends, family or yourself! Includes one 12 oz. glass bottle each of the very special Summer Blend and Summer Sweet Wildflower honey, both perfect to the last drop.

2022 Summer Blend Honey  is created late in the spring when wildflower trees have almost finished blooming and the exquisite sourwood tree has just begun. The Hive Girls are gathering nectar and pollen from every source available, and in 2022 created their own very special blend. Most beekeepers would sell this as sourwood. We don’t. We wait until the wildflower is completely gone and add empty supers for the bees to to capture the full sourwood flow. 

This is a blend of both our wildflower and sourwood honeys. It is a treasury of every possible pollen and nectar source the bees collected throughout the growing season. Expect a bold, mineral rich, wildflower beginning followed by a long, sweet middle of the tulip poplar tree. It finishes with the flavors of caramel and anise distinctive of the sourwood tree. 

2022 Summer Sweet Wildflower Honey is a unique midsummer batch with the same intense, robust flavor of our spring, raw Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey, only slightly sweeter. There are several reasons for this. First, it possesses 20% clover nectar. Secondly, as the tulip poplar bloom ages, it produces more glucose. 

We do not buy honey from other beekeepers, and have our honey tested by independent labs to ensure it is 100% toxin-free. Never blended, flavored, ultra-filtered or pasteurized. Gravity filtered to keep in all of the goodness the bees intended.

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