Killer Bees Honey - American Chestnut

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Last spring’s harvest included some surprise nectar from the rare chinquapin or American chestnut tree. Our Chinquapin Buzz honey is amber with reddish tones. It has a unique flavor; sweet with a mildly nutty taste. 

The Algonquian Indians used the medicinal properties of its nut, bark, and leaves for wound care, Whooping Cough, headache and fever relief. Similar to buckwheat or manuka honey, chinquapin honey possesses high anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial qualities.

Chinquapin Buzz pairs perfectly with aged cheeses like Ricotta and Stracchino and will tame even the sharpest Vermont cheddars. If luck intersects with your pre ’64, Model 70, it’s killer in venison stews.

16 oz. of Chinaquapin honey in a glass or plastic bottle. 


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