High Caliber Mini-Me-Muth Bottles

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Choose any one of our three kinds of honey in 4oz mini-me Muth jars:

  • WILDFLOWER: With 202 miscellaneous pollen markers, it’s safe to say that we have any and all of your pollen allergies covered with our Wildflower honey. Derived from a variety of spring and early summer blooms, this is a mineral-rich, heavy-bodied honey. The tulip tree True Nectar Value (TNV) gives it a bold, chimney-red color with a large, forward taste. 
  • CHINQUAPIN BUZZ: This spring’s honey harvest yielded nectar from the rare chinquapin or American chestnut tree. Similar to buckwheat or manuka honey, chinquapin honey possesses high anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial qualities. It has a unique flavor – not overly sweet and with a slightly nutty/piquant aftertaste. Truly a standout in the world of honey!
  • SOURWOOD BLONDE: Our monofloral classic Sourwood Blonde Honey is extra light in color with a distinctive, aromatic anise and spice bouquet. It possesses a beautifully mild, but remarkably long lasting sweet, buttery taste.