Killer Bees Honey - 2020 Sourwood Blonde

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A Western North Carolina monofloral classic. This Sourwood Blonde Honey is light in color with rose and amber hues. Our 2020 sourwood is not quite as intense as previous years — basswood and some other sweeter floral sources are mixed into this 2020 harvest. It has a distinct, aromatic anise and spice bouquet. The taste is nothing short of floral elegance. Not overly sweet, but very complex. It's beautifully mild with a remarkable butter scotch middle and a rich caramel end. Classic Appalachia sourwood. 

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the South, its natural habitat is on your biscuits, flapjacks or grits. If you’re a Yankee, drizzle onto scones or crepes.

Moisture level = 15.6% / Pfund Scale = 31 

True Nectar Value (TNV) pending analysis.

Limit two per order!

Net weight 12 oz. of sourwood honey in each cylindrical glass bottle.

Net weight 8 oz. of sourwood honey in each muth jar.