Killer Bees Honey - 2019 Appalachian Wildflower

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This years wildflower honey from our mountain apiaries is different from previous years. Not your typical intense polyfloral wildflower, the true probable nectar percentages of tupelo (35%), magnolia (32%) and tulip tree (13%) create a bounty of flavors. With a Pfund scale of 59mm, it has a beautiful light amber, burnt orange color. Moisture levels between 14.5% and 16.1% create a concentrated, but light fruity flavor combined with a velvety texture.

We are thrilled that the hive girls from the Skyterra and KBH apiaries have decided on this lovely bright bouquet of flavors to start the honey season!  The full pollen reports and nectar analysis from Texas A&M can be found here.

Net weight 12 oz. of wildflower honey in each cylindrical glass bottle.

Net weight 8 oz. of wildflower honey in each muth jar.