Sourwood Honey in Muth Jar with Honey Dip Stick

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Holiday special of our Western North Carolina monofloral classic. This 2019 Sourwood Blonde Honey is extra light in color with rose and amber hues, Decorated for the holidays and comes with honey dipper! It has a distinct, aromatic anise and spice bouquet. The taste is nothing short of floral elegance. Despise its name, there is nothing sour about this honey, Not overly sweet, but very complex. It's beautifully mild with a remarkable butter scotch middle and a rich caramel end. Classic Appalachia sourwood. 

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the South, its natural habitat is on your biscuits, flapjacks or grits. If you’re a Yankee, drizzle onto scones or crepes.

Moisture level = 15.5% / Pfund Scale = 5

Pollen analysis from Dr. Vaughn Bryant at Texas A&M is pending.

Net weight 12 oz. of sourwood honey in each cylindrical glass bottle.

Net weight 8 oz. of sourwood honey in each muth jar.