Queen’s Reserve Sourwood Honey (Available July 2021)

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Like all honey, Queen's Reserve Sourwood Honey is seasonal and quickly sells out. Our 2021 harvest will be available in July. Please go to our Buzz Us page and submit your email for notification of all our honey harvests.

The beekeeper and owner of the KillerBeesHoney.com apiary selects only the purest sourwood honey for our Queen’s Reserve. In order to be called out as part of the "reserve" batch of honey, it must have at least a 90% True Nectar Value (TNV). This batch came in at 94% TNV and is the richest tasting sourwood we have to offer. 

The nearly clear sourwood Queen's Reserve honey betrays Its nectar source: Oxydendrum arboreum, the “Lily of The Valley” tree. This honey is highly aromatic with an entirely unique flavor – floral, with hints of caramel, anise, and spice. This is the purest monofloral sourwood honey you can buy with only 40 bottles in inventory.

* 12 oz of sourwood honey in a beautiful, decorative Italian made, clear glass flask.

”Most honey is made by bees. But sourwood is made by bees and angels.”  — Carson Brewer, American journalist, and conservationist