Summerblend Bottle with Glass Dipper
Summerblend Bottle with Glass Dipper
Summerblend Bottle with Glass Dipper
Summerblend Bottle with Glass Dipper

Summerblend Bottle with Glass Dipper

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DIP INTO A DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS HONEY! This decorative honeycomb bottle filled with our Summer Blend is paired with a nicely-weighted glass honey dipper to complete a perfectly memorable gift. 

Coloring outside the lines again, or in this case comb, the hive girls mixed a wonderful blend of wildflower and sourwood nectar to create this Summer Blend Honey.

Tasting Notes: This is a blend of both our wildflower and sourwood honeys. It is a treasure of every possible pollen and nectar source the bees collected throughout the growing season. Expect a bold, mineral rich, wildflower beginning followed by a long, sweet middle of the tulip poplar tree. Lastly, the hive girls finished off the honey combs with sourwood which was just beginning to bloom.  It finishes with the flavors of caramel and anise distinctive of the sourwood tree.  

 Toxicology report,We have two nectar flows in WNC; spring wildflower followed by the sourwood season. We add extra honey supers to the hives when the spring nectar flow overwhelms the bees storage capacity. These late spring supers are partially filled until the sourwood tree begins to bloom. The bees backfill these supers, thus creating their own special blend. Most beekeepers would sell this as sourwood. We don’t. We add empty supers for the separate sourwood flow. 

We never purchase honey from other beekeepers. We control and manage the process of honey production from hive to bottle to your table. Never heated, ultra-filtered, blended, flavored or infused. Gravity filtered to keep in all of the goodness the bees intended. Our honey is tested by independent labs to ensure it is 100% toxin-free and to ensure no adulteration or agro-toxins (pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics). Our honey is glyphosate free per QSI Labs!  NMR-Spectroscopy report for our Sourwood Blonde can be examined here. Toxicology report, hereSee all of our lab results on our Honey page.

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