Unique Honey Wedding/Party Favors

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Swiping right was the right choice. Now express true love and impress your guests with a unique and elegant honey bottle wedding favor.

  • This gorgeous muth jar is filled with 4 oz of rare and highly prized artisanal sourwood honey. Our honey is harvested at the original Killer Bees Honey bee yard in the majestic and wild mountains of Western North Carolina, the champagne region of sourwood honey.
  • Unique, eye catching honey bottle includes a "LOVE" charm with heart on the reverse side & vows of "I do" in silver.
  • Original Charles Muth, 1890’s embossed skep scene on the back.
  • Customize bottle with Bride & Grooms name and wedding date in silver calligraphy.
  • Your guests will not easily forget your wedding or party once they savor the unforgettable flavor of our sourwood honey.
  • Free shipping. $7 each bottle. Minimum 10 bottles. Please contact us directly at: denise@killerbeeshoney.com.


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