2019 Wickedly Whipped Wildflower

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We took our wickedly wildflower spring-harvested honey from the Skyterra Wellness Center apiary and whipped it to perfection! The result? A pollen packed, thick and creamy Killer Bees Honey, rich with taste and nutrition. Spread some on your toast or English muffin. Slather on waffles or pancakes. Our no-drip solution to your breakfast routine will be a family hit! The Texas A&M pollen analysis report for Skyterra can be found here.

  • There are no dairy products in our Wickedly Whipped Wildflower Honey.
  • Treat this whipped honey like butter. Heat may cause liquefaction and separation. We suggest you keep refrigerated or in a cool cabinet.

Each jar contains 12 oz. of hand-poured, dangerously delicious, whipped honey.