Buyer Responsibility / Legal Ownership Limitations

  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that our Killer Bees Honey (KBH) T-Shirt is LEGAL to wear in your city/state, or any institution of higher learning where First Amendment rights are restricted or prohibited.

  • If you live in CA, NJ, NY or MD, wearing a KBH T-Shirt may violate your states magazine capacity law. Again, know your local/state ordinances.

  • KBH T-Shirts shipped to CA will include magazine “Bullet Button” configurations on both the AK and M4 versions. Magazines are restricted to ten (10) rounds.

  • KBH T-Shirts shipped to NJ will have pinned and welded muzzle devices with fixed stocks on both the AK and M4’s.

  • The KBH T-Shirt, “Protect The Hive” incorporates a titanium, HTG Aries-4 suppressor. As such, all FFL rules apply.