Our Honey

Artisanal Honey

Our Artisanal honey is nothing like the heat-treated, ultra-filtered, bland, off-the-shelf store honey.  Tasting Killer Bees Honey the first time is akin to eating a farm fresh egg or garden-grown tomato - your taste buds come alive with a host of flavors you didn’t know were possible.

Honey production, like wine, is season-driven and an expression of place, time, and weather. But unlike wine, honey is not simply a result of geography. It's a result of the concentrated nectar of the indigenous flora within a three-mile radius of the hive. Thus, Killer Bees Honey harvested from these micro-regions in the mountains is uniquely different than honey harvested anywhere else.

Our Commitment to Quality and Transparency

Our apiaries are located in Western North Carolina, isolated by 512,000 farm-free acres of the Pisgah National Forest. Our bees fly several miles from their hives for nectar, the raw material of honey. Because we are surrounded by the forest, our honey is untouched by glyphosate, neonics or other harmful toxins.  

We know that trust, credibility and reputation matter. Be wary of companies that say their honey is “raw”, “non-GMO”, “organic”, "sustainable”, “gluten-free”, or “cholesterol-free” - all claims without available certifications for honey in the United States. The bottom line for honey is, from where is the nectar? What is the floral source? How is the honey extracted and packaged?

  • As certified North Carolina beekeepers we abide by the NCSBA’s Certified Honey Producer Program and its rigorous standards.
  • We belong to the Good Food Merchants Guild which conducts independent reviews and requires strict adherence to quality and natural production.
  • We are proud members of Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) whose meticulous criterion are far more stringent to the USDA’s honey “guidelines” and recommendations for organic honey. 

We Know Where our Killer Bees Honey Bees Have Been

We are the only bee keepers in the United States who sends their honey to be analyzed for purity of content by Intertek in Germany and then publishes the report online. Our honey tested 100% pure from all pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics and herbicides including glyphosate (Round Up).

Every Killer Bees Honey harvest has its pollen traced by Dr. Vaughn M. Bryant, Director of the Palynology Lab at Texas A&M University. Pollen tracing is a quantifiable method used to detect the bee’s floral source. Each year we post Dr. Bryant’s analysis for each batch.  

At Killer Bees Honey you always know where your honey is from. Frankly, our bees wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re heavily armed for a reason.