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Killer Bees Honey

Armed With Genuine Sourwood

The Pisgah Forest in Transylvania County, “The Land of The Waterfalls” is quickly becoming known as the Champagne region of sourwood honey. Oxydendrum arboreum (sourwood tree) is the sole species in the genus Oxydendrum. It thrives in only one region of the planet – the Appalachia's. Sourwood honey or, “Mountain Honey” is prized by connoisseurs though out the world. But because of its limited supply and high demand, sourwood honey is rarely sold outside of the area.

Why does our raw, micro-batch honey have an unusually high concentration of sourwood nectar? It may be our 4,000 foot elevation, or because we live in a temperate rainforest averaging 96 inches of yearly rainfall. Maybe it’s because our sexy aviators are better seducers of the sourwood’s “angel fingers” bloom. Whatever the reason, you would be hard-pressed to find a unifloral sourwood honey as concentrated and delicious as ours.

Per the strict standards of the NC State Beekeepers Certified Honey Program, our Amber at 83% sourwood TNV and Big Red at 84.5% sourwood TNV qualify as authentic sourwood honey. But even our Killer Bees couldn’t conceal from the experts at Texas A&M the 17% sourwood TNV in our Wildflower honey.

KillerBeesHoney is pure, raw, natural, unfiltered and of course....uncensored!