Award Winning 2023 Southern Sourwood Blonde Honey: LIMITED AMOUNT
Southern Sourwood Honey in Italian Gift Bottle
Handblown Italian Sourwood Honey Gift Bottle
Southern Sourwood Blonde Honey in Hexagon Gift Jar
Award Winning 2023 Southern Sourwood Blonde Honey: LIMITED AMOUNT
Award Winning 2023 Southern Sourwood Blonde Honey: LIMITED AMOUNT

Award Winning 2023 Southern Sourwood Blonde Honey: LIMITED AMOUNT

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Harvest Notes 

Out of 2000 entries in 15 categories, our Southern Sourwood Blonde won the Good Food Awards this year. It is unlike any other honey our Hive Girls create here on our Smoky Mountain apiary. The bouquet is layered with saffron, baking spices, almonds and poached fruits. The palate begins with a soft, buttery flavor which leads to a richly floral, weighty middle. Not overtly complex, but gently nuanced with a hint of fennel on the finish. This sourwood is one of the most elegant honeys our hive girls have made for you. It’s simply exquisite.

We never purchase honey from other beekeepers. We control and manage the process of honey production from hive to bottle to your table. Never heated, ultra-filtered, blended, flavored or infused. Gravity filtered to keep in all of the goodness the bees intended. Our honey is tested by independent labs to ensure it is 100% toxin-free and to ensure no adulteration or agro-toxins (pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics). Our honey is glyphosate free per QSI Labs!  NMR-Spectroscopy report for our Sourwood Blonde can be examined here. Toxicology report, hereSee all of our lab results on our Honey page.

Perfect Pairings
If you’re fortunate enough to live in the South, its natural habitat is on your biscuits, flapjacks or grits. If you’re a Yankee, drizzle our honey onto scones or crepes.

Pfund scale = 35mm. Moisture level is a phenomenally low 15.1%

This years sourwood nectar flow was one of lowest in memory. We therefore are restricting the purchase amount to only one jar of each size of honey per customer. We are very sorry, but this is the only way we can accommodate our many loyal customers. PLEASE do not reorder. 

  • Net weight 14 oz. of sourwood honey in each handblown Italian bottle.
  • Net weight 6 oz. of sourwood honey in each hexagonal bottle.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 113 reviews
    james hiller
    Finest honey that I've ever had

    I was the owner and CEO of a 7 store chain of upscale grocery stores in Michigan. Artisanal honey was an important product for me and my stores carried close to 75 varieties depending upon the year and crop. I happened upon Killer Bees Sourwood Amber Honey serendipitously. I ordered some as soon as I saw it. What a fantastic treat.. In all of my 35 years in the grocery business I had never tasted anything as piquant and as unique as the Sourwood Amber. I love it and recommend it with any reservation.I have found all manner of ways to use it including on fresh fruit and straight from the bottle..

    Judith Levey
    I love this honey in my tea!

    I have been trying to cut sugar out of my diet but I still like to sweeten my tea and so I use honey instead. I've tried different varieties but there's something in the Killer Bees honey that is sooo good!

    Alan H.

    Couldn’t be happier. Highest quality and distinctive. The difference to store-bought is obvious.

    Glenn H.
    Wonderful stuff!

    Had it on pancakes. Yumm.

    Suzanne H.
    Sooooo Good

    I just placed my second order of sourwood honey from Killer Bees Honey. It is the best honey out there. It tastes great on anything you can put honey on. Knowing that it comes from a quality business that cares about its bees makes it extra special.