2024 Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey- LIMITED AMOUNT
Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey
Killer Bees Wildflower Honey

2024 Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey- LIMITED AMOUNT

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Due to the drought we have a limited amount of 2024 Smoky Mountain Wildflower.

This years harvest is a beautiful light amber honey with a sweet beginning and spicy finish. It is unique in that it doesn’t have the robust tulip poplar typical of our usual harvests. Our signature raw Smoky Mountain Wildflower honey is crafted from organically kept apiaries high atop the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. Nutrition-packed with a delightfully fierce floral flavor, this toxin-free, all-natural honey is as good for you as it is delicious.

We never purchase honey from other beekeepers. We control and manage the process of honey production from hive to bottle to your table. Never heated, ultra-filtered, blended, flavored or infused. Gravity filtered to keep in all of the goodness the bees intended. Although this year’s adulteration or toxicology reports are pending, our past harvests have been tested 100% toxin-free to ensure there is no adulteration or agro-toxins (pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics). Past toxicology reports can be found here. 

Harvest Notes
This 2024 Smoky Mountain Wildflower Honey has a "light amber" color. It is a polyfloral wildflower honey with light, mineral rich notes and a brief, but intense zesty end. No doubt due to the chestnut trees hidden deep within the Pisgah forest. This honey will stand up to any food pairing, or just as well all by itself.

Moisture level: 15.6%. Pfund scale of 61mm.

WNC has had an “abnormally dry” spring and summer, there was very little nectar produced by the surrounding flora. Therefore, there is a limited amount of honey. We are forced to restrict the purchase to only one jar of honey per order. We have done this to accommodate all of our loyal customers.

  • Net weight 12 oz. of wildflower honey in each cylindrical glass bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Lori J.
Amazing products!

The honey is the best I have ever had. I also love the lip balm! Highly recommend.

Jeff S.
Worth the wait!!!

I'm been a honey junkie for over ten years

David S.

Your honey is the best. We visited your operation last summer with Restaurant 17. Enjoyed your presentation and wearing a bee suit into the hives.

Matt F.
Nothing compares

Absolutely incredible honey. I can’t but honey anywhere else now that I’ve had KBH! The wildflower is oh so delicious

courtney r.
Delicious as always

You can taste the purity! Simply the best honey I have ever had and the only I’ll ever buy from here on out.