Wickedly Whipped Mountain Wildflower Honey

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We took our signature Smoky Mountains Wildflower Honey and whipped it to perfection! The result? A pollen packed, thick and creamy Killer Bees Honey, rich with taste and nutrition. A texture of thick smooth creamy custard, yet, there are no dairy products in our Wickedly Whipped Mountain Wildflower Honey. Treat this organic, all-natural whipped honey like butter. Heat may cause liquefaction and separation, so we suggest you keep refrigerated or in a cool cabinet.

  • Each jar contains 12 oz. of hand-poured, dangerously delicious, whipped honey.
  • Tested to ensure no adulteration or agrotoxins (pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics).

Perfect Pairings
Spread some on your toast or English muffin. Slather on waffles or pancakes, or as a special treat in a pastry cup topped with nuts or fruit.  It is also perfectly acceptable to eat straight out of the bottle!  Our no-drip solution to your breakfast routine will be a family hit!

Harvest Notes
Harvested from our home apiary first wildflower harvest. This is an intense polyfloral wildflower with deep, mineral rich notes and tremendous reach and slightly spicy end. The lasting flavors are no doubt due to the blend of tulip poplar and of dozens of other varietal spring nectars coming from the Pisgah Forest.