A Big Thanks to Everyone Who Donated to the First Responders Children's Fund

A Big Thanks to Everyone Who Donated to the First Responders Children's Fund

Earlier this spring, we here at Killer Bees Honey in conjunction with the Collinsworth Family Foundation, made a $10 donation to The First Responders Children's Foundation for every bottle of Appalachian Wildflower Honey that we sold. 

Our first responders have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in every community across the country, and the First Responders Children’s Foundation provides support to the families of first responders who are enduring financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We'd like to recognize those who of you who made donations through the purchase of one or more bottles of our wildflower honey. 

 Thanks to all of you for your donations to the foundation!

Jason Pfaff
Sarah Johnson
Deb Oberst
Shannon Sanchez
Charlene Palmisano
Kenneth Dowler
Dale Winslow
Denise Rose
John Toohey
Justin Edwards
Kevin Weiler
Kimberly Kindle
Kimberly Trem
Laurie Gerardi
Linda Alverson
Mary Nee
Melora Bush
Michael Shulman
Patricia Wrinkle
Sherri Mielke
Adriana Gomez
Alice Yen
Alison Sosebee
Alison Wagner
Andrea Brewer
Andrew Anderson
Anita Bhagat
Anna & Rhea Marcel de Hermanas/Bobkhorst
Carol Coddin
Cassandra Kemp
Cedric Brown
Charles Pruszynski
Clifford Hill
Cory Mullins
Cyndy Bowman
David M Gregg
David Scott'
David Wilf
Debbie Dietzer
Denise Calvano
Eileen Daniel
Enrique Senior
Frankie West
Gail Siegel
Garo Green
Gary Wilks
Geneiso Serri
Georg Kucsko
Gwen Zimmermann
Heidi Reid
Jana Plemmons
Jeannette Fauchier
Jesse Zapata
Jody Lovell
John Bolton
Kahee Jang
Kerry Farrell
Laraina Lavoie
Larry Crump
Lauren Doran
linda Gregg
Marcia Smith
Marcie Doize
Matt Furnish
Matt Halicy
Matthew Halicy
Michael Lane
Monica Hovan
Nikki Firzsimmons
Patricia Hindle
Rafael Burrisqueta
Renee Avon
Russ Amy
Sally Russel
Sarah Danser
Sari Gersten
Shakima Brown
Shannon Laird
Stephanie Christianson
Suzette Crayton
Teresa Duncan
Thomas Dobosz
Tom Pfeiffer
Trian Rooney
Tricia Hall