Subscription Service for Is Now Active

Subscription Service for Is Now Active

After receiving numerous requests and a few death threats from some of our customers, is offering a subscription service. Si, es verdad. You can now receive pure, uncensored honey from our heavily armed, gorgeous bees without even thinking about it. Just go to any of our honey pages and choose a delivery option ranging from every, one, two, three or six months. It’s a no-brainer. For those without a brain, look at the above graphic and go from there.

But wait, there’s more….

When you choose a subscription, you’ll get an automatic 10% off each honey order. More importantly, we guarantee that you will always receive honey for the duration of the subscription – we actually stash it in a secret location (a cabinet) with your name on an entire years supply. In other words, you’ll always get high caliber, dangerously delicious honey even if we run out of inventory for those poor schmucks who didn’t have the foresight to subscribe.

But wait, there’s even more…

With every subscription, you’ll receive a T-shirt of your choosing. The Beekeeper will contact you regarding your choice of sexy KillerBee-T which will be shipped with your second order. Bonus points: there are no BS cancellation terms. If you go off your meds and want to terminate our wonderful relationship, just send us an email and we’ll sack your subscription and auto-billing. It’s that easy.

You can thank the girls in the hives later, but for now, you’re welcome.