We Get Emails

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Kim from Maryland writes:

“Is any of your honey raw? I am specifically searching for raw honey for myself and other members of our CSA (nothing in Maryland is free from pesticides). Love your site. Cheers!”

My answer in reverse order: Thanks for the compliment. Our dedicated and uncommonly attractive girls are very particular how they represent themselves, their respective hives, their honey and honey related products. Yes, all of our honey is “raw.” Meaning that it is unfiltered, unpasteurized, unheated un [fill in the blank]. We literally spin out our honey into a double sieve stainless strainer @ 1000/500 microns. We do not ultra filter or pasteurize (heat) our honey.

The real flavor of the honey comes from its pollen markers. Most commercial operations use mondo sized pressure filters that screen honey at or below 50 microns. No bueno: Flower pollen measures between 2.5 to 200 microns in diameter. Because our filtration process never goes below 500 microns, all pollen remains in our honey. Of course, this practice sometimes allows the obligatory bee leg or two into the final product, but they’re high in protein and eating insects is becoming de rigueur among todays millennial’s.

I don’t want to piss on anyone’s bonfire, but terms such as “raw,” “organic,” “unfiltered,” etc. really don’t have much meaning when it comes to regulating honey producers and packers. If there were such rules in place and if they were strictly enforced, Americans would be spared all the dumping of tainted Asian honey into the United States. The fact is, the FDA has absolutely no definition of “raw” as it applies to honey. We at KillerBeesHoney.com describe our honey as raw, natural and pure because we believe that our process is exactly that. Our hives, extraction room and fulfillment center are located on our property, which is located in the Pisgah National Forest. As stated under Our Honey, we are isolated from any agriculture and thus, harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and fungicides farmer’s use on their crops. It doesn’t get anymore organic then that.

I welcome Kim’s scrutiny. Due to the Internet of things, she along with other Americans are educating themselves regarding the food we eat and more importantly, from where it comes. Everything about KillerBeesHoney.com – me, my team, our values, our mission, need to earn her trust. She deserves no less moral clarity and commitment.