Killer Bees Honey - Killer Honey Brittle

Killer Bees Honey - Killer Honey Brittle

The Hive Girls of Killer Bees Honey have teamed up with the extraordinary skills of Chef Haydn of Restaurant 17 to create a new limited-run product - Killer Honey Brittle! 

Brittle - It’s a Southern Thing

Numerous cultures have been whipping up a hardened nut and syrup concoctions for centuries, but classic peanut brittle is distinctly American. The story begins in 1890. A Southern woman was supposedly making taffy when she mistakenly substituted baking soda for cream of tartar. The end result was a crunchy brittle rather than a chewy taffy. 

Then there is the tale of Beaver Brittle. I know you Park Avenue types weren’t taught this while attending Exeter, but Tony Beaver was a cousin of Paul Bunyan. Southern Folklore has it that Tony saved a town from flooding by pouring peanuts and molasses into the local river. The concoction damned the river and I assume, kept the local dentist employed for decades.

Our Killer Honey Brittle’s main ingredient is Killer Bees Honey! Go figure. And it has only four other ingredients. Chef Haydn has created a masterpiece of light and airy deliciousness. Crunchy, but not hard. Light, but not at all chewy; it has a very meringue-like texture. 

Chef Haydn

Starting at the age of 16 as an apprentice to his father, Chef Haydn has worked in every aspect of the kitchen; from humble beginnings as a dishwasher, to graduating culinary school, then working several upscale Greenville establishments. He is currently the Executive Chef at Restaurant 17, part of Hotel Domestique, a boutique hotel in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Chef Haydn’s leadership has helped Restaurant 17 earn a reputation for the creative ways it transforms and showcases local ingredients and regional cuisine… like Killer Bees Honey! The Chef ensures that Restaurant 17 marries classical training and traditional techniques with a progressive culinary perspective. Under his guidance, the menu is a reflection of the region, changing daily based on the availability of seasonal ingredients.

We are thrilled to have Chef Haydn contributing his creative talents and working with our Hive Girls to produce Killer Bees Honey, KILLER HONEY BRITTLE!