Beekeeping And Community
We had the pleasure of hosting a former Albanian commercial beekeeper and his family at our home, and while spoken language barriers may have existed, the language of beekeeping crosses all boundaries.
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Hive Weight & Honey Production
How do you track the health of the bees or track the progress of the honey flow? We've learned much about our bees using a WiFiHive scale to gauge the health of the hive by watching daytime vs nighttime weights in the fall and tracking the weight during the summer honey flow.
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Swarming Bees And The Killing Of A Colony
Despite my best efforts, half the hives in our apiary swarmed this season. Many were recaptured, others found new dwellings. Swarms are the mechanism for bees to multiply and form new hives but if you're not prepared for it, you can lose some of your bees. 
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