Why Is Sourwood Honey So Unique?
The Sourwood tree (Oxydendrum arboreum) begins to flower the third week of June with blooms only lasting for three weeks. The limited blooming season and the unique, ultra-light taste that comes from its nectar, with hints of anise and spices make for a special and prized honey.
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Raw, Honey, Pure, FDA, Organic, Sourwood, Wildflower
Yes, all of our honey is “raw.” Meaning that it is unfiltered, unpasteurized, unheated. But terms such as “raw,” “organic,” “unfiltered,” etc. really don’t have much meaning when it comes to regulating honey producers and packers. The fact is, the FDA has absolutely no definition of “raw” as it applies to honey. We at describe our honey as raw, natural and pure because we believe that our process is exactly that.
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Weighted Wednesday: Queen Marge Rocks Her Hive

Queen Regina Margherita of the House of Savoy (Aka: Marge) continues to impress. Going into the winter, her hives benchmark weight was 67.2 lbs. There was a daily fluctuation of 1.5 lbs. when the weather was warm and the bees were able to vacate the hive for cleansing and orientation flights.

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